Dispute Resolution & ADR

Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
From conflict to consensus. Focused upon providing in-depth advise on contentious matters and avenues for resolution; ensuring highly-competent representation of clients position; seeking positive and expedient results at all times.

Business Law

Corporate Regulatory Compliance, Human Capital Protection, Tax Structuring
Foundations determine growth. Advising on entrenching proper foundations to guarantee corporate growth; understanding clients’ business ventures; keeping abreast of local and international statutes and regulations with knowledge and appreciation of best corporate practices.

Infrastructure Law

Telecoms, Power, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing
The backbone of national development. Our pride is borne out in our delivery of expertise in or relating to matters of Nigerian infrastructural development. Our client base in this area span both public and private entities.

Entertainment Law

Audio, Visual & Technological Content, Production, Broadcast Licensing
Creativity gives satisfaction. From thought to reality, to dissemination; through various media, intellectual content protection laws ensure that the benefit for development accrue to all contributors to the end-product. Our versatility ensures our clients have proper guidance through otherwise distracting processes.

Franchise Law

Goodwill & Innovation Transfer, Business Development, Royalty Management
Growth through divestment. Proprietary ownership and confidential information are invaluable assets when properly utilized. Advising on efficient and effective structures for maximization of rewards of development.